Welcome to my Closet!

30 Mar

photos compliments of popcrunch.com

Hey Fashionistas!!

I’m excited to finally get this blog up and running! So what’s the first item out of the closet? Iconic fashionistas. There are so many beautiful women out there who’ve made an impact in the world of fashion, and I admire every single one of them! But the one woman who has fascinated me for years is Audrey Hepburn– elegance, class, grace and beauty. She embodied it all. Images of Audrey have inspired me, not only with my wardrobe but with my apartment. Her black and white iconic photos, from Funny Face and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, make amazing wall art.

And in the spirit of black and white, here’s fashion tip #1: black and white is always in. Yet, I know this isn’t anything new, being a fashionista, you are already know that! The challenge: making a classic look your own. My advice, sometimes it’s in the simplicity of the outfit.

PROFESSIONAL LOOK: Wear your favorite little black dress with a white blazer, but add a flashy accessory (just one), like studded butterfly ring or red stiletto heels. Sexy, yet sophisticated.


One Response to “Welcome to my Closet!”

  1. Bee Kay March 30, 2011 at 8:58 PM #

    MATCHING – Couples who match will intensify and accentuate each others “sexy”. A man wearing some nice black dress slacks with a fitted bright red button up shirt with a very defined collar and a fine fitting white blazer while his female mate is wearing some sexy white pants, black heels, and a knockout red blouse with black accents topped off with a bright red ring and a black onyx necklace will surely define you as individuals and as a couple.

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