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The Royal Wedding’s fantastic hats

30 Apr

I fully support this trend to hit the States! Check out some of these extraordinary head pieces!


The Royal dress…

29 Apr

And the winner is… Alexander McQueen. The late and extraordinary had designed Kate’s momentous wedding gown! Beautiful, chic, modern and vintage all at once, she looked like royalty!

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Glee and Gaga: a perfect match

27 Apr

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GLEE goes GAGA again, and once again I got goose bumps! I know that might seem a bit dramatic, but GLEE is dramatic! What I love most about this over-the-top singing phenomenon is that it ALWAYS makes me happy. The singing, the dancing, the one-liners, the entire show is genius. And over the past 2 seasons it’s made some powerful fashion and social statements. Who can forget the GAGA garments from season 1, Rachel’s horse sweaters or Kurt’s fabulous hats? But last night’s “Born This Way” performance made a statement like no other. It sent a fashionably social message that was simple, basic and made all the noise in the world.

To me, fashion is powerful tool for self-expression. It’s given me confidence over the years, it’s made me comfortable in my own skin and made me love the parts of my body that once annoyed me. I can’t say fashion changed my life, but it’s certainly had a huge impact on my confidence, which led to the inspiration behind this blog!

Last night, the GLEE cast literally wore their insecurities and did it fashionably. Singing and dancing to “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga, they dressed in white tees that adorned words related to their insecurities, with simple black pants and Converse sneakers. The episode promoted the concept of being proud of the way you were born. We know, in reality, it takes a little longer than an hour to do that, especially for teenagers. But I think GLEE is doing an awesome job at combating those feelings for teens. It’s promotes diversity and acceptance, and more people need to be made aware and spread the love.

This whole concept runs parallel to Compliment Closet. Wear what makes you, you. And the confidence will build from there. Take risks and love the way you look, no matter what! So maybe, we won’t actually start wearing t-shirts that say “butt chin” or “Lucy Caboosey”, but it’s an intriguing concept we should all consider!

My fellow GLEEKS, pass on the post!

Show off those legs!

26 Apr

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Well, with the weather I’m experiencing this week short season is definitely here! And I cannot be more excited because shorts are a hot trend for spring and summer. But when haven’t they been?  What’s different this season are the awesome options we have to choose from, girls! Flouncy loose-fitted shorts, shorts with large bows ties, floral patterns, bright colors, high-waisted (my personal fave!). So many to pick from. And the best part?! Shorts have definitely hit the “all-occasion” status. Pair dress shorts with a light blazer and pumps for a more formal event. Or wear high-waisted floral shorts and an airy tank top to a Fourth of July party. The shoes you ask? Any will look sexy and adorable: Keds, Oxfords, flats, flip flops or heels!

The purpose of this post is because I do not own a single pair of these trendy must-haves, and I did some online digging myself and just HAD to share them with you!

Show off those sexy tans, ladies! Express yourself through the unique short styles available this season. Give Compliment Closet your feedback!

Vera Wang: the wedding goddess

25 Apr

Vera Wang can do no wrong in my eyes. She’s the goddess of wedding fashion, and if you are a celebrity tying the knot, there is no other designer to turn to for your custom-made gown. Victoria Beckham, Chelsea Clinton, Khloe Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are just some of the celebs who wore Vera on their big day. Although, most of us cannot afford a Vera Wang gown (although get excited ladies, I heard rumors of a Vera Wang line coming to David’s Bridal!), she’s not a bad source to turn to for wedding advice. Check the article featured into today’s WWD: Vera Wang’s Rules to Saying ‘I Do’. She also has a great newsletter you can sign up for, full of advice for your big day.

Although I’m not planning a wedding just yet, I’m in about a billion (okay, slight exaggeration), and I know my friends will appreciate the extra advice. So check it out ladies, maybe you’ll find some inspirational ideas for your special day!

Khloe Kardashian. Photo from

Hilary Duff in Vera. Photo compliments of

Alicia Keys in Vera Wang.

Happy Earth Day!

22 Apr

Ellie Schneeberger-Klotz in a newspaper-mache prom dress

Nicole Rhodes in a paint-swatch mini-dress

In celebration of the Earth Day, here’s a closer and final look at some of the other recyclable fashion from Marywood’s Dress for Success event, and the amazing talent that designed and modeled the garments!

Like I said yesterday, so many of these outfits were wearable to me! I wish there was a market for recyclable fashion (and maybe there is?)! I’d love to hear about it. As more mainstream designers are moving toward using green fabrics, it is a possibility one day we will be wearing the soda cans and soda tabs from our lunch the day before. In the meantime, take in the awesomeness of this fashion show and the wonderful cause it supported.

As Lea said, “I actually wish there was some type of business I could make out of it! I never really thought about any overlap in interior architecture and fashion design, but I guess all artistic majors are related.”

“We don’t typically design clothing for our major; it was more of a fun activity to get involved with the community. All of us have a new appreciation for fashion,” she continued. Could this group of students be first to take on the world of marketable recyclable fashion?

Maybe so! “I had a lot of fun making these pieces! I would love to take it further somehow and design more. I have so many ideas floating around,” Lea said.

Photos credit: Mary Anne Capone

Jimmy Kinney is Victoria's Secret shorts.

Tina Mulcahy is a paint-swatch mini-dress.

How did they do it?! Eco-friendly fashions continued…

21 Apr

Lea Berta modeling her magazine/newspaper dress

Darnell Douglass modeling the soda tab hood

Rae Bradley modeling the soda-can skirt.

Lea Berta was responsible for 3 of the outfits that strutted down the runway at Marywood University. Creating her magazine dress, the soda-can skirt and accessories, as well as the soda tab hood. She explained how each material had its difficulties, “but the soda tabs took forever to tie together, very tedious work.”

For Lea, and the rest of the group, they found the easiest way to begin their work was by just jumping right in. Some of their original designs had to be changed through trial and error, but overall the finished pieces were magic (at least in my eyes)! Every single one of these outfits caught my eye in a unique way, and I’d honestly wear most of them!

Lea’s magazine dress was so impressive, and she accented it beautifully with the purple leggings—screaming youth, style and fabulous! “I took a bunch of pieces of glossy magazines and newspapers and twisted them into different size strips,” Lea described. Using a hot glue gun to hold the pieces together, Lea built the dress strip by strip. Originally, another girl was going to wear the garment and stood as the original model. Strips intertwined and molded around each other. Lea said she just went with her gut and shaped it by what felt natural, not using a base or template. The tricky part? Trying to get the dress on without ripping it, “I wound up gluing myself into it the day of the show!” Lea said.

Take a look at the amazing outfits created by Lea herself, and the awesome models wearing them! You are all naturals!! More photos and outfits to come tomorrow!

All photos compliments of Mary Anne Capone.

Fabulous Earth Day inspiration

20 Apr

Soda tab hood

In honor of Earth Day (April 22), I’ll be writing bits and pieces about this story for the rest of the week! Inspirational, fabulous and fashionable!

A few weeks ago, I posted a link to a fantastic story about Marywood University students–from Scranton, PA–who designed outfits for a charity fashion show, raising money for Dress for Success. What makes this story unique, and equally fabulous, you ask? The interior architecture (IA) students constructed the outfits from recyclable materials/trash that you and I use every day: soda cans, soda tabs, magazines, shopping bags, duct tape and more!

I was able to catch up with one of the designers, Lea Berta, to talk about how she and the others were able to create such fabulous green garments! Lea said she and her fellow students decided to take this project on as a side project, outside of class. In their own spare time, the group worked diligently to create each outfit, bit by bit. With support from their teachers, the students found inspiration in having the opportunity to be creative for a cause. As Lea explained, “The whole of idea of going green has a lot to do with interior architecture students. It is something we all strive for.”

Check out some of the awesome photos, more to follow!

Photographs compliments of Mary Anne Capone.

Dress for Success participants (from left to right): Ellie Schneeberger-Klotz, Ilana Gutierrez, Kristin Phillips, Kim Becker, Nicole Rhodes, Tina Mulcahy, Rae Bradley, Darnell Douglas, Lea Berta, Jimmy Kinney, Colleen Grogan, Kate Mills, Abigail Pfirman, Stephanie Breslin

Soda can skirt and soda lid bracelet

Color block couture

18 Apr

Hi All! Check out fabulous color blocking done in the fashion world. These celebs styled the looks from Gucci spring 2o11 collection, not missing a beat. Who’s your fave? My standout: Olivia Wilde. From hair to accessories and the shoes, she rocked that jumpsuit like no other! Perfect fit for her height and body.

Compliment PS- My fellow tall girls, we go to great lengths (literally) to find the perfect outfit for our bodies. Well, if you are dying to try a trendy spring trend– go for the jumpsuit! It accentuates our best attribute: our legs! Back soon to fill up those closets with more fashion ideas!

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Ladylike Color

17 Apr

Hi Complimenteers!

Two spring trends I’m loving: ladylike details and bold color, and combining the 2 make a splash like no other. As someone inspired by vintage, I’m excited for the high-waisted, A-line skirts and floral prints. The key to a ladylike skirt is in the length, which means covering up those legs girls! The perfect fit will sinch at the waist and flow down, stopping just below the knee or above the ankle (which makes it just as sexy as a mini-skirt)! A soft and feminine print will top it off.

Now, mesh these ideas with bright and bold color, and your closet is ready for spring! The great thing about color is that many of you already have a lot of colorful pieces in your closet right? The key to this trend is color blocking, meaning mixing-solid colored tops with solid-colored bottoms or accessories. AND, mixing and matching all types of color, even if you don’t think they match. Purple and yellow, blue and orange, pink and orange. If that is too bold for you, then blocking with black is also an awesome option. Remember colorful prints are also a great go-to trend for spring!

Here are some ideas I pulled from my closet, and I’ll let you in on a secret: the skirts are a find from Salvation Army! Don’t diss it until you try it. You’ll never know the gems you will find.

Happy shopping! Don’t forget to fill your closet full of compliments!