Grandma Sweater

1 Apr

In honor of my grandmother’s birthday (Happy B-day Grandma!), I thought I would discuss the “grandma sweater”. A piece of clothing that probably reminds most women, and men, of their grandmother sitting in church, chilly with a beaded, cream colored cardigan over her shoulders. Right? I thought so.

Well yesterday I wore a grandma sweater, literally it was my grandma’s! In my recent move, I found the sweater hidden in the back of my old closet. A place my mother likes to store unwanted, yet not worthy of getting rid of clothing πŸ™‚ Anyway, my mom was the one who pointed it out. This black cardigan sweater that is outlined in black beading around the wrists and waist. Accented with little beaded starbursts all over it. Oh, and let’s not forget the shoulder pads! But anyway, I took one look at it and instantly loved it. It was in awesome shape, and for me, vintage clothing rocks. So although this is no vintage timepiece, it’s still old-fashioned and still awesome. So you are thinking, grandma sweater really?

Seriously! Think of the possibilities you can pull off! Yes, if you pair it with an equally frumpy skirt you will look like a grandma. BUT, if you pair it with some jeggings and over-the-knee boots and a killer necklace, you just reached fashionista-status. It’s all about being a little different. And that’s my advice to you: wear one thing each day that is a little different. Make it your own, wear it with confidence. That closet will fill up with compliments in no time!

In my opinion, the 1950s were the classiest time period of them all, for fashion. I’m drawn to those silhouettes. Just take a look at the photo of my grandma (she’s the one of the far right). Her and her girlfriends hanging out at Ray Beach, NY in 1955. She was styling in that polka-dotted dress! (SPRING TREND ALERT: polka dots) She’s the classiest lady I know πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday Grandma!! Love you!

My stylish grandma, in the far right, at Ray Beach in 1955.


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