Go for the Brooch

8 Apr

Brooches — one of my accessory obsessions for years now! There was a time I looked at them as the least fashionable item on the planet, you know back in middle school and high school. My fashion taste has certainly changed over the years, and brooches (or pins, same thing) make the classiest edition to an outfit. Not just on your winter jacket or work blazer, but you can add a brooch to your favorite dress or sweater, or even better, a tailored vest. What makes this accessory trend a staple for women everywhere is the fact that it fits any woman. There are so many varieties and options to choose from when it comes to brooches! They fit any personality, any style! So the next time you are on a shopping spree, check out the jewelry section (clearance too- you’d be surprised the gems you’ll find!), or visit your local flea market and yard sales, you’ll find diamonds in the rough! And there is nothing wrong with digging in grandma’s closet for some inspiration 😉 So ladies, go brooch yourselves!! Check out a few favorites from my personal collection below. Until next time, happy shopping!

Some of my personal faves!




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