Fashion Flashback

12 Apr

Hello Closet followers!

College wasn’t that long ago for me, so my fashion choices from then can’t be too outdated, right? I’ve decided to do some fashion flashbacks this week, from my college days at Kutztown University. (I hope my girls don’t hate me after this post)! Although, we were all fabulously confident on our nights out in town!

I believe confidence comes from owning up to fashion highlights and lowlights — be confident in your past, present and future outfit options. Never regret a lesson learned, and if you love what you are wearing it doesn’t matter what others think! Style comes from individuality, so whether you follow trends, find inspiration from the runway or follow your gut, you are fashionable because it’s you!

So what do you think of my college fashion pics? Fashion hits or misses? I’ll be posting a variety all week, so check back for more! And if you have a favorite fashion pic, whether a hit or miss, email me! I’ll post them to Compliment Closet!

In the meantime, keep on filling your closet!

Tara, Melissa, Me

Me and Nicole


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