Ladylike Color

17 Apr

Hi Complimenteers!

Two spring trends I’m loving: ladylike details and bold color, and combining the 2 make a splash like no other. As someone inspired by vintage, I’m excited for the high-waisted, A-line skirts and floral prints. The key to a ladylike skirt is in the length, which means covering up those legs girls! The perfect fit will sinch at the waist and flow down, stopping just below the knee or above the ankle (which makes it just as sexy as a mini-skirt)! A soft and feminine print will top it off.

Now, mesh these ideas with bright and bold color, and your closet is ready for spring! The great thing about color is that many of you already have a lot of colorful pieces in your closet right? The key to this trend is color blocking, meaning mixing-solid colored tops with solid-colored bottoms or accessories. AND, mixing and matching all types of color, even if you don’t think they match. Purple and yellow, blue and orange, pink and orange. If that is too bold for you, then blocking with black is also an awesome option. Remember colorful prints are also a great go-to trend for spring!

Here are some ideas I pulled from my closet, and I’ll let you in on a secret: the skirts are a find from Salvation Army! Don’t diss it until you try it. You’ll never know the gems you will find.

Happy shopping! Don’t forget to fill your closet full of compliments!


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