Fabulous Earth Day inspiration

20 Apr

Soda tab hood

In honor of Earth Day (April 22), I’ll be writing bits and pieces about this story for the rest of the week! Inspirational, fabulous and fashionable!

A few weeks ago, I posted a link to a fantastic story about Marywood University students–from Scranton, PA–who designed outfits for a charity fashion show, raising money for Dress for Success. What makes this story unique, and equally fabulous, you ask? The interior architecture (IA) students constructed the outfits from recyclable materials/trash that you and I use every day: soda cans, soda tabs, magazines, shopping bags, duct tape and more!

I was able to catch up with one of the designers, Lea Berta, to talk about how she and the others were able to create such fabulous green garments! Lea said she and her fellow students decided to take this project on as a side project, outside of class. In their own spare time, the group worked diligently to create each outfit, bit by bit. With support from their teachers, the students found inspiration in having the opportunity to be creative for a cause. As Lea explained, “The whole of idea of going green has a lot to do with interior architecture students. It is something we all strive for.”

Check out some of the awesome photos, more to follow!

Photographs compliments of Mary Anne Capone.

Dress for Success participants (from left to right): Ellie Schneeberger-Klotz, Ilana Gutierrez, Kristin Phillips, Kim Becker, Nicole Rhodes, Tina Mulcahy, Rae Bradley, Darnell Douglas, Lea Berta, Jimmy Kinney, Colleen Grogan, Kate Mills, Abigail Pfirman, Stephanie Breslin

Soda can skirt and soda lid bracelet


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