How did they do it?! Eco-friendly fashions continued…

21 Apr

Lea Berta modeling her magazine/newspaper dress

Darnell Douglass modeling the soda tab hood

Rae Bradley modeling the soda-can skirt.

Lea Berta was responsible for 3 of the outfits that strutted down the runway at Marywood University. Creating her magazine dress, the soda-can skirt and accessories, as well as the soda tab hood. She explained how each material had its difficulties, “but the soda tabs took forever to tie together, very tedious work.”

For Lea, and the rest of the group, they found the easiest way to begin their work was by just jumping right in. Some of their original designs had to be changed through trial and error, but overall the finished pieces were magic (at least in my eyes)! Every single one of these outfits caught my eye in a unique way, and I’d honestly wear most of them!

Lea’s magazine dress was so impressive, and she accented it beautifully with the purple leggings—screaming youth, style and fabulous! “I took a bunch of pieces of glossy magazines and newspapers and twisted them into different size strips,” Lea described. Using a hot glue gun to hold the pieces together, Lea built the dress strip by strip. Originally, another girl was going to wear the garment and stood as the original model. Strips intertwined and molded around each other. Lea said she just went with her gut and shaped it by what felt natural, not using a base or template. The tricky part? Trying to get the dress on without ripping it, “I wound up gluing myself into it the day of the show!” Lea said.

Take a look at the amazing outfits created by Lea herself, and the awesome models wearing them! You are all naturals!! More photos and outfits to come tomorrow!

All photos compliments of Mary Anne Capone.


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