Happy Earth Day!

22 Apr

Ellie Schneeberger-Klotz in a newspaper-mache prom dress

Nicole Rhodes in a paint-swatch mini-dress

In celebration of the Earth Day, here’s a closer and final look at some of the other recyclable fashion from Marywood’s Dress for Success event, and the amazing talent that designed and modeled the garments!

Like I said yesterday, so many of these outfits were wearable to me! I wish there was a market for recyclable fashion (and maybe there is?)! I’d love to hear about it. As more mainstream designers are moving toward using green fabrics, it is a possibility one day we will be wearing the soda cans and soda tabs from our lunch the day before. In the meantime, take in the awesomeness of this fashion show and the wonderful cause it supported.

As Lea said, “I actually wish there was some type of business I could make out of it! I never really thought about any overlap in interior architecture and fashion design, but I guess all artistic majors are related.”

“We don’t typically design clothing for our major; it was more of a fun activity to get involved with the community. All of us have a new appreciation for fashion,” she continued. Could this group of students be first to take on the world of marketable recyclable fashion?

Maybe so! “I had a lot of fun making these pieces! I would love to take it further somehow and design more. I have so many ideas floating around,” Lea said.

Photos credit: Mary Anne Capone

Jimmy Kinney is Victoria's Secret shorts.

Tina Mulcahy is a paint-swatch mini-dress.


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