Show off those legs!

26 Apr

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Well, with the weather I’m experiencing this week short season is definitely here! And I cannot be more excited because shorts are a hot trend for spring and summer. But when haven’t they been?  What’s different this season are the awesome options we have to choose from, girls! Flouncy loose-fitted shorts, shorts with large bows ties, floral patterns, bright colors, high-waisted (my personal fave!). So many to pick from. And the best part?! Shorts have definitely hit the “all-occasion” status. Pair dress shorts with a light blazer and pumps for a more formal event. Or wear high-waisted floral shorts and an airy tank top to a Fourth of July party. The shoes you ask? Any will look sexy and adorable: Keds, Oxfords, flats, flip flops or heels!

The purpose of this post is because I do not own a single pair of these trendy must-haves, and I did some online digging myself and just HAD to share them with you!

Show off those sexy tans, ladies! Express yourself through the unique short styles available this season. Give Compliment Closet your feedback!


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