Glee and Gaga: a perfect match

27 Apr

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GLEE goes GAGA again, and once again I got goose bumps! I know that might seem a bit dramatic, but GLEE is dramatic! What I love most about this over-the-top singing phenomenon is that it ALWAYS makes me happy. The singing, the dancing, the one-liners, the entire show is genius. And over the past 2 seasons it’s made some powerful fashion and social statements. Who can forget the GAGA garments from season 1, Rachel’s horse sweaters or Kurt’s fabulous hats? But last night’s “Born This Way” performance made a statement like no other. It sent a fashionably social message that was simple, basic and made all the noise in the world.

To me, fashion is powerful tool for self-expression. It’s given me confidence over the years, it’s made me comfortable in my own skin and made me love the parts of my body that once annoyed me. I can’t say fashion changed my life, but it’s certainly had a huge impact on my confidence, which led to the inspiration behind this blog!

Last night, the GLEE cast literally wore their insecurities and did it fashionably. Singing and dancing to “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga, they dressed in white tees that adorned words related to their insecurities, with simple black pants and Converse sneakers. The episode promoted the concept of being proud of the way you were born. We know, in reality, it takes a little longer than an hour to do that, especially for teenagers. But I think GLEE is doing an awesome job at combating those feelings for teens. It’s promotes diversity and acceptance, and more people need to be made aware and spread the love.

This whole concept runs parallel to Compliment Closet. Wear what makes you, you. And the confidence will build from there. Take risks and love the way you look, no matter what! So maybe, we won’t actually start wearing t-shirts that say “butt chin” or “Lucy Caboosey”, but it’s an intriguing concept we should all consider!

My fellow GLEEKS, pass on the post!


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