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A little piece of heaven…

31 May

If only I came across a winning lottery ticket, boy would I have some fun. If you could own one designer item without feeling an inch of guilt over its cost, what would it be? My KOP trip has me thinking all about the wonderful pieces of fashion I’d love to own if money wasn’t an option…my pick: a Chanel handbag. If I’m being very particular: a vintage Chanel handbag.

I’m currently reading a biography on Coco, and the more I read the more I wish I knew her. Owning  one of her bags would be like owning my own piece of fashion history. She was an incredibly talented and stern woman who has changed fashion forever. France, here I come (wellll, give me at least 10 years to save up)!

So what is your fashion fantasy? Your piece of heaven…




More to come on my KOP finds this week. So many finds at affordable prices…the ideas are endless! In the meantime, pass along the compliment! Check out my page on Facebook too. Just search Compliment Closet and “LIKE”.

Ta ta for now fashionistas!


In search of cute heels

25 May

Third item on the shopping list: cute heels. I love shoes and need an update for my closet. One, two or three pairs would be amazeballs! I can’t say I know exactly what I’m looking for, but I’ll know it when I see it. In the meantime…

This summer’s shoe trends:

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1. Wedges

2. Platforms

3. Cute sneaks

4. Oxfords

5. Color-block heels

6. Flat sandals

New York, New York

24 May

Photo compliments of

Although this may sound boring, it’s very exciting for a workin’ girl like myself. In college you get excited to shop for cute halter tops for bar hoppin’! When you have a job, you get excited to shop for black dress pants! Yes, next item on my KOP shopping list are dress pants. You’re probably thinking…how fashionable can those be? But in reality, they are sometimes all us 9 to 5ers have to work with during the week.

Finding the perfect dress pant is a necessity for mixing and matching and making career clothes all your own! Compliment Closet suggestion: find a brand you like and stick to them. When shopping for a staple item like this, you don’t want to waste too much time. You want to get it over with to focus on more important things, like cute sundresses!

My favorite place for career clothes is New York and Company. PS- If you are really tall or really short, they have sizes to fit everyone! The fit is great, and they have a lot of styles to choose from. Slim leg, boot cut, wide leg, high-waisted…pick your poison.

Of course, while I’m there I’ll have to pick up a few cute tops, maybe dresses!

Compliment Closet style watch: maxi dresses, floral prints and lots of white!

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Kickin’ it…

23 May

Converse sneakers for women.

So the BF and I are planning a trip to the King of Prussia Mall on Memorial Day. I couldn’t be more excited to update my spring and summer wardrobe! The challenge is getting as many items on my list with the least amount of $$$$. Can I do it? Who knows! But this week, I’ll be featuring items on my list for this weekend– first up: super cute sneakers!

Okay, so most people who know me know sneakers are limited in my wardrobe– they make my feet huge and hideous! BUT, there are some I’m willing to make an exception for…Converse and Keds. My mission is to find a cute pair of one or the other. I’ve been seeing lots of girls rock adorable ones in bright colors and patterns. I’m hoping to score a pair like no other. One style I wish I could pull off are the high-tops– but I’m just not punk enough. They look so great on so many ladies…whether famous fashions or street style. So I say, if you like ’em, go for them!

Like Kat Graham, from the Vampire Diaries (yes, a guilty pleasure of mine!), below. How freakin’ adorable is she in this outfit?! I came across this pic while flipping through Seventeen. She’s one of my new fave most stylish celebs. Google her for some inspiration.

Kat Graham @ New York ComicCon. Compliments of Roger Kisby Photography.

Anyone have some sneakers tips to share? All I know is this season, sneakers are making a comeback in flirty and feminine ways. Pair yours with a floral summer dress or a sparkly tank. Mix dressy with sporty for a whole new look!

Until next time, keep the compliments coming!

Fall fashion preview…

15 May

Chokers are in the line up for fall, so start thinking about collecting some now, but it’s definitely a trend that requires some thought. You do not want to be caught by the fashion police, so do some research before purchasing. Find the size and style for you, as well as the perfect outfit to match. Compliment Closet suggests simplicity…the choker will speak enough for itself, so the rest of your outfit should be subtle. Check out some looks from the runway @!


12 May

One of my favorite sites to look for inspiration is…they sell vintage-inspired clothing, as well as real vintage pieces (good luck snagging those though, they sell out quick!) You can pick up awww-inspiring cloths, gifts and decorations. Modcloth sells apparel, jewelry, unique gifts as well as apartment decor. Pricing isn’t bad either!

Compliment Closet says check it out!


10 May

Steve Madden oxfords.

Let’s hear it for the boys! Find inspiration in the men in your life. Menswear is in , and in my mind, here to stay! I personally love the trends from our men: blazers, oxfords, relaxed pants. Wear these pieces the right way and you’ll be cool, calm and comfortable! Check out some key pieces below!

Compliment Closet tips:

  • Oversized  or boyfriend blazers flatter tall women. Pick one up in a neutral color– like beige, black or gray– and pair it with a skinny pant. You want balance on the top and bottom of your body. A baggy top with a baggy bottom usually results in a frumpy look. So an oversized blazer with a skinny pant fits the bill.
  • It’s best to mix menswear with feminine touches. If you have a cute pair of oxfords, match them with a frilly skirt (like Sienna Miller). Or, when wearing a blazer add a statement necklace to the mix.
  • Vests are a great investment for your closet. Long or short, tailored or loose. You can mix and match with trousers, jeans, skirts and even dresses. It will add variety to your wardrobe.

Happy Shopping!

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a little more about Moms…

9 May

Who said Moms should only have one day? Thanks to my friend Amanda, I have an awesome book to recommend! Because whose Mom isn’t a style icon! Check it out…

Compliments of

Also another pic of my Grandmother DeLeo…just one of the style icons in my life. Check out that bathing suit…vintage suits are back in style so pick one up today!


a tribute to Moms…

8 May

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How awesome is your Mom? I know my Mom (Helene) rocks! I can’t even express what an inspiring and wonderful woman she is. She’s been my biggest inspiration. Not only is she Superwoman for raising 4 kids, but she’s a Superwoman of style! Compliment Closet hint of the day: be inspired by your Mom…not necessarily by her fashion, but her attitude, her kindness, her strength. Be inspired by the powerful woman she is! I know I am…check out some pics of the generations of Moms in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Vote for Marywood!

4 May

Hi All– The story I posted not long ago is in the running for a contest! The students who put together the recyclable fashion show through Marywood University, in PA, is up to win $2,500 for their school! VOTE NOW!

Vote Now for Trashy Fashion!

Dress for Success participants (from left to right): Ellie Schneeberger-Klotz, Ilana Gutierrez, Kristin Phillips, Kim Becker, Nicole Rhodes, Tina Mulcahy, Rae Bradley, Darnell Douglas, Lea Berta, Jimmy Kinney, Colleen Grogan, Kate Mills, Abigail Pfirman, Stephanie Breslin