Kickin’ it…

23 May

Converse sneakers for women.

So the BF and I are planning a trip to the King of Prussia Mall on Memorial Day. I couldn’t be more excited to update my spring and summer wardrobe! The challenge is getting as many items on my list with the least amount of $$$$. Can I do it? Who knows! But this week, I’ll be featuring items on my list for this weekend– first up: super cute sneakers!

Okay, so most people who know me know sneakers are limited in my wardrobe– they make my feet huge and hideous! BUT, there are some I’m willing to make an exception for…Converse and Keds. My mission is to find a cute pair of one or the other. I’ve been seeing lots of girls rock adorable ones in bright colors and patterns. I’m hoping to score a pair like no other. One style I wish I could pull off are the high-tops– but I’m just not punk enough. They look so great on so many ladies…whether famous fashions or street style. So I say, if you like ’em, go for them!

Like Kat Graham, from the Vampire Diaries (yes, a guilty pleasure of mine!), below. How freakin’ adorable is she in this outfit?! I came across this pic while flipping through Seventeen. She’s one of my new fave most stylish celebs. Google her for some inspiration.

Kat Graham @ New York ComicCon. Compliments of Roger Kisby Photography.

Anyone have some sneakers tips to share? All I know is this season, sneakers are making a comeback in flirty and feminine ways. Pair yours with a floral summer dress or a sparkly tank. Mix dressy with sporty for a whole new look!

Until next time, keep the compliments coming!


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