New York, New York

24 May

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Although this may sound boring, it’s very exciting for a workin’ girl like myself. In college you get excited to shop for cute halter tops for bar hoppin’! When you have a job, you get excited to shop for black dress pants! Yes, next item on my KOP shopping list are dress pants. You’re probably thinking…how fashionable can those be? But in reality, they are sometimes all us 9 to 5ers have to work with during the week.

Finding the perfect dress pant is a necessity for mixing and matching and making career clothes all your own! Compliment Closet suggestion: find a brand you like and stick to them. When shopping for a staple item like this, you don’t want to waste too much time. You want to get it over with to focus on more important things, like cute sundresses!

My favorite place for career clothes is New York and Company. PS- If you are really tall or really short, they have sizes to fit everyone! The fit is great, and they have a lot of styles to choose from. Slim leg, boot cut, wide leg, high-waisted…pick your poison.

Of course, while I’m there I’ll have to pick up a few cute tops, maybe dresses!

Compliment Closet style watch: maxi dresses, floral prints and lots of white!

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