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Maxi trumps Mini

21 Jun

Hi All!

Aside from the fact I have an aching sunburn, my outfit choice today was perfect for the start of summer…maxi is in, girls, mini is out (well sorta). I’m still all about the adorable short trends I’ve posted about! But in the realm of skirts and dresses, I’m loving maxi. They are a tall girl’s dream. Never again should you worry if the length is going to work, with a maxi it always does.

My maxi dress is a mix of burnt oranges, floral and paisley prints and strapless. Originally purchased for my trip to Punta Cana 2 years ago, I was determined to make this work in my every day life. Thank goodness summer is officially here, because now I have an excuse. I just threw on some flats and brown cardigan and I was ready for the office! (Plus I’ve been taking on water from this hideous sunburn all over my legs, so it was perfect!) lol

So what are your options? So much ladies! Maxi dress and skirts are perfect for a summer vacation at the beach or a day at the office. A day of shopping or dinner with friends. Mix it up by throwing on a jean jacket or blazer, flip flops or gladiators. Personally heels and maxi skirts do not work for me, but if you can work then do it! I just think a long skirt says, relaxed beach babe and flats just fit. Do not over-do the accessories, maxis don’t need much. Stay cool and easy-breezy! Add a wrist full of bangles, and you’ll be set.

Happy sun everyone, just remember the sunscreen (because I didn’t!)


Retro swimwear

14 Jun

Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny swimsuits are not all the rage this summer. And may I say, thank heavens! Most of us girls tend to dread this time of year, shopping for a new swimsuit is like getting your teeth cleaned. I don’t speak for all of us, but this is certainly how I feel. Although this year I will not need to get a new suit, I have been paying attention to one adorable trend: retro! Ruffles, polka dots, high-waists. These are swimsuits our grandmothers wore proud and we will too!

Vintage and vintage-inspiration are my inspirations– so here are some cute suits to try! Plus this trend is more likely to fit every shape and size, girls! Check ’em out!

Happy shopping! (Treat yourself to a pair of shoes afterwards)

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Stripes are your friend

7 Jun

Stripes from the runway.

Hi Fashionistas!

Today, I’m here to stick up for a fashion trend that hasn’t always had a good reputation. Stripes. Now, I know they haven’t always flattered us women in the best ways, but if you wear them right– they can work for you! Stripes are in this season, so you will have plenty of options when you go shopping.

I have recently added quite a few striped tops and even a striped maxi dress to my wardrobe. This summer I’ll feel like a jet-setting diva, and so can you. Compliment Closet is here with some tips:

1. The size of the stripes matter. Depending on your body type, thin stripes or thick stripes work better for some women than others. The best option is to try on before you buy, since not all body types are the same. Yet, I’d say if you have a larger chest, thin stripes will work. If you have a small chest, thick stripes might work best.Horizontal and vertical stripes also play an important role.

2. Choose loose-fitting tops and dresses over tight and snug Unless you are extremely thin, tight horizontal stripes will accentuate any woman in the wrong way.

3. Look for other cute stripe options– ones not everyone would think of. Headbands, shoes, scarves. I recently bought a blue and white striped blazer that looks amazing with skinny black pants and navy pumps.

4. NEVER do stripes on stripes. Always balance with a solid.

5. Angled stripes are always a unique option.

6. Let out your inner sailor. Nautical styles (popular with designer Michael Kors) are a classy route. Traveling by boat this summer, pick up a light-weight blue and white striped sweater and a wide-brimmed hat! You’ll be ready to sail the high seas.

7. Wear your stripes proud! If you have a brother who does not understand fashion (like mine), and calls you the Hamburglar whenever you wear a striped shirt (like mine), stand tall 🙂

Happy Shopping!

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Tanks and tees

2 Jun

Anyone can make a graphic tee fashionably their own! So many styles and themes to choose from: movies, TV, quotes, music, animals. You can pair them with a skirt, skinny jeans, shorts, a long cardigan…heels, oxfords, sneakers and sandals. The outfits are endless! Plus, you’ll be totally making a social statement. Graphic tees never go out of style because you can always make them fit into fashion’s ever-changing trends. Vintage and modern, tanks and tees. Check out some awesome sites for ideas:, and How cool is this 90210 tee I picked up at Urban Outfitters? I can’t wait to wear it with my new skinny ankle jeans! Enjoy the slideshow of awesome inspiration too!

PS- My boyfriend even picked up a wicked cool Chuck Norris tee for himself!

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