Stripes are your friend

7 Jun

Stripes from the runway.

Hi Fashionistas!

Today, I’m here to stick up for a fashion trend that hasn’t always had a good reputation. Stripes. Now, I know they haven’t always flattered us women in the best ways, but if you wear them right– they can work for you! Stripes are in this season, so you will have plenty of options when you go shopping.

I have recently added quite a few striped tops and even a striped maxi dress to my wardrobe. This summer I’ll feel like a jet-setting diva, and so can you. Compliment Closet is here with some tips:

1. The size of the stripes matter. Depending on your body type, thin stripes or thick stripes work better for some women than others. The best option is to try on before you buy, since not all body types are the same. Yet, I’d say if you have a larger chest, thin stripes will work. If you have a small chest, thick stripes might work best.Horizontal and vertical stripes also play an important role.

2. Choose loose-fitting tops and dresses over tight and snug Unless you are extremely thin, tight horizontal stripes will accentuate any woman in the wrong way.

3. Look for other cute stripe options– ones not everyone would think of. Headbands, shoes, scarves. I recently bought a blue and white striped blazer that looks amazing with skinny black pants and navy pumps.

4. NEVER do stripes on stripes. Always balance with a solid.

5. Angled stripes are always a unique option.

6. Let out your inner sailor. Nautical styles (popular with designer Michael Kors) are a classy route. Traveling by boat this summer, pick up a light-weight blue and white striped sweater and a wide-brimmed hat! You’ll be ready to sail the high seas.

7. Wear your stripes proud! If you have a brother who does not understand fashion (like mine), and calls you the Hamburglar whenever you wear a striped shirt (like mine), stand tall 🙂

Happy Shopping!

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