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Project Pajama

29 Jul

So excited to be back in Project Runway Land, with Tim Gunn as king! And I’ll be posting weekly commentary on each episode. Did the judges get it right? CC’s pick for best and worst. Designers to love and hate and so much more!

Season 9 Episode 1: Project Pajama. For their first challenge, the designers were asked to create a fashion-forward garment from the clothes on their back — their PJs! My favorite of the bunch did not make the top 3 (dissappointed) because Fallene’s puking clown dress was a stand out! It was funky, unique and very fashionable. Fallene is my fave designer so far, just check out her own personal style! Check out for Fallene’s final look!

 The top 3 designers did not disappoint either. Two of three were fantastic. And how much do we love Bert?      His dress was fashion-forward and sexy (minus the styling of course). I envisioned a chunky and funky necklace, ditching the sunglasses and pulling the model’s hair away from her face. But he deserved to win!

I was disappointed with Anya’s piece. Although I like her, and those pants were amazing!, the outfit itself was dull. The top looked like I could have picked it up at any mall in any town. I’m not a fan of flashing the belly either, but I give her props for those pants.

What did you think? Let CC know! Until next week, PR fans!


Design the Dream

27 Jul

So happy to be a part of this wonderful project!!










Join fashion designer, Gwen Beloti, and fashion editor/handbag designer (Daughter of Zion), Eboyne Jackson, as they Design the Dream! Combining the passion of two women, the luxury of one dress and a difference for thousands of people. Design the Dream (DTD) is a philanthropy project that meshes high fashion and social action. Following their own dreams, Gwen and Eboyne have joined forces to create a luxurious dress to raise money for those less fortunate. This exclusive piece will be modeled by Amanda Diva, the first face behind DTD. As a singer, DJ, painter, poet, media personality and culture critic, Amanda Diva is a true Renaissance woman. She successfully made a career out of creating quality work rooted in class, humor and hip hop. From being the face of hip-hop on MTV2; interviewing many relevant R&B artists, Amanda Diva is now the face of DTD. The dress will be sold through SmashingDarling ( and select boutiques in NYC. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Little Dresses for Africa and Adonai Partners, two non-profit organizations that make a difference in the lives of children. The DTD dress will also debut in Gwen Beloti’s spring 2012 collection, along with a luxury handbag from Daughter of Zion.

For more information on these entities please visit:,,, and

Look out for more news and info to come on DTD ❤


Seeing spots

25 Jul

If you think you’re seeing spots lately, don’t worry you’re not falling ill! Spots and dots have filled the runways this season, and good news! Polka dots are here through Fall. Polka dots are both flirty and fun, classy and chic. Even if you don’t have a love for vintage 50s fashion, polka dots are taking over modern fashion too. Just check out these fashion spreads featuring leading ladies Blake Lively and Emma Stone. They take the polka fashion trend to the next level. I will definitely be sporting the polka dots tights this winter!

Other dot and spots ideas:

1. You can never go wrong with a flirty dress for the summer.

2. Throw a pokla-dotted cardigan over your favorite LBD for work.

3. Mixing patterns is a fine line. If done right, mix a spotted skirt and striped light-weight sweater. Stick to similar colors and thin stripes. No accessories!

4. Go for a vintage feel: high-waisted bathing suits or shorts are perfect for end-of-summer fun. Pair your bathing suit with a floppy white hat for the beach.

Hermoine who?

24 Jul

Emma all grown-up

In honor of the end of a Harry Potter era, I’m jumping back into Compliment Closet with a celeb fashionista: Emma Watson. Granted, (and I’m sorry die-hard HP fans), but I’m just catching up with the craze. I watched all 8 movies in 11 days, and finally feel part of the gang. LOL. Of course I’ve read and seen much coverage on the 3 young HP stars who’ve grown-up in the spotlight, and Emma Watson has always caught my attention for being classy, chic and fantastically fashionable. She dresses wise beyond her years and took her edge up 2o notches when she chopped off her Hermoine locks (which I recently read was both an homage to the end of Harry Potter and asserting her independence).

“…But first and foremost, I have to be true to myself or it’s not authentic.” Emma Watson, Seventeen interview

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