Jason Wu, Woos

9 Sep

Only 2 days into NYFW, and I already can’t wait to shop for my Spring 2012 wardrobe. Wait! You’re getting ahead of yourself, Alicia! I haven’t even picked up my new pieces for this Fall yet. Still, Spring 2012 fashions are shaping up to show off our girlish figures. To kick off some of Compliment Closet’s FW coverage, here are some highlights of a stand-out show thus far — Jason Wu.

Jason Wu’s Spring collection in 2 words: vintage vixen. High-waists and full skirts. Grays and blacks splash with color. Sleeveless blouses, ruffled pencil skirts and bow belts. Yet, pair the looks with sleek, spiky hair and fiery red lips, and these looks exude bad-ass girl power. I’d feel pretty girly, yet slightly intimidating strutting down the street in anyone of these pieces.


One Response to “Jason Wu, Woos”

  1. Robin Alunni September 10, 2011 at 9:31 PM #

    Hi Alicia, You are going to love this comment what’s with the knees on these ladies red and marked up??? Not nice legs at all for young models!! I was surprised at that and I am not crazy about the neon orange lipstick either.Their hair is pokey but cute.The fashions I love. Flirty and feminine really trendy and fun.

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