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“Adorkable” fashion

30 Jan

Today I pay homage to all girls who embrace their inner dork by paying tribute to the “adorkable” fashionista, Zooey Deschanel. A girly girl who loves vintage clothing, kittens and her signature bangs. After reading a recent article in Allure magazine, I learned so much more about the star of the breakout hit New Girl. Growing up she was ridiculed and mocked for looking different, and it wasn’t until college that she realized accepting her inner dork is what made her special. “My best friend and I would wear velvet gowns and put on lashes and lipstick. I refused to wear jeans,” Zooey said.

I relate a lot to Zooey’s attitude toward style. Clothes are a way to express yourself and your mood. Sometimes pushing the envelope, even just a little, can be very liberating. And who knows, stepping outside your comfort zone can give you all the confidence in the world. I found a lot of my confidence with my very extensive and unique costume jewelry collection. So take a chance fashionistas, you may just get the compliment you’ve been waiting for!

Want more Zooey? Check out her awesome, girl-charged blog It’s all things cute, cuddly and crafty. Made for women, by women.



















Girl meets boy

18 Jan

Need a wardrobe pick me up? A little work meets play, boy meets girl, or beauty meets brains? Why not make it easy with items already in your closet?  The blazer and dress. The androgyny will give you a fresh update. It’s sophisticated enough for work and runway enough for today’s fashionista. Blazers vary tremendously in color, cut and style. It’s no wonder I have a love affair with them!

Try a black sheath dress with a pink boyfriend blazer, just add a rhinestone necklace to make it a day to night look. Have a cute frilly polka-dotted frock in your closet from spring? Mix it up with a red fitted blazer, black tights and ankle boots for winter. Check out some other inspirations below…

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Golden best

16 Jan

Award show season is a fashion junkie’s favorite time of year. We pay more attention to the red carpet than the award winners. So who won this year’s Golden Globes? Yes, Meryl Streep — The Artist — Modern Family and George Clooney were some of the award winners…but who worked the red carpet as Golden’s best dressed?? Here are my picks…

Trending: the stache

11 Jan

There are many trends that come and go through a fashionista’s world. Some of these trends make an appearance in our closets, some don’t. Some stay only a few months; some stick around a little longer. Trending these days…the mustache. Will it stay, will it go? Guess it depends on your style. But if you like unique and quirky pieces in your wardrobe, then stash the stache!

I think it’s just about the coolest idea ever…especially the mustache manicure. Check out for a how-to video.

Not into mustached apparel, try accessories too!! Or even bling out your desk at work with a mug.