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Lessons in leggings

24 Sep

As some of you know, leggings are a favorite fall staple for me – especially on weekends. You can dress them up, dress them down and who doesn’t love a comfy outfit choice?

Although a simple piece, leggings can borderline tacky if worn the wrong way. Here are some of my basic rules…

1. Length is key – The length of your leggings is key, but so is the length of your shirt. Let’s start with the bottoms.

  • Ankle: This is a classy and safe choice for most! Great for dressing up and wearing with heels, especially if you’re shorter. Heels will make your legs appear longer. Ankle length is the best choice for tall women because they accentuate long legs perfectly.
  • Calf: Also a good choice, but probably best for casual outings. Try the calf look with an oversized t-shirt and cute Keds. Avoid wearing dresses. If the hem of your dress almost meets the length of your leggings, what’s the point? They’re just an unnecessary add-on.
  • Knee: This is the tricky one for me. Knee length feels a bit junior, and maybe that’s where it should stay. Perfect for pre-teen and teen closets. This also works for dancers and athletes. Tread carefully.
  • Tops: Longer is better, always. Make sure your top covers your butt (and please no camel toe!) Petite women can get away with short tops, but if you’re in doubt, long is strong.

2. Footwear faves – Shoes are dependent on the rest of your outfit. Sleek black leather leggings and a mustard blazer call for heels. While a bright pink pair and a black tee scream leopard-print flats. You can even get away with sandals and sneakers. Pick strappy flats, Keds or Converse vs. flip flops, athletic sneakers or Crocs.

3. Patterns and prints – Bold and flashy prints are all the rage this fall. Floral, eclectic, polka dots and stripes. Go for them all! Be sure to buy dependable brands. Again, I’d recommend ankle length for flashy prints and keep the top half of your outfit simple! Solid colors, subtle details and quiet accessories.

4. Please avoid – Cheap brands (anything that comes in plastic packaging), plus any pair that look like fake jeans (including fake pockets and all). Don’t do it. Period.

Happy fall, fashionistas!


Five minutes with Tim Gunn

11 Sep

Yesterday was the highlight in my fashion-lovin’ life…I. met. Tim. Gunn.

Need I say more? Well, yes…where to begin? As my friend Amanda and I made the journey to Ridgewood, NJ for the book signing, all day I agonized over what I should say. What can I ask? I did not want to waste the 5 or less minutes I may get with Mr. Gunn! Of course, after a little retail therapy I was able to clear my head. Looking back on the day now, I had nothing to worry about.

Tim on TV is Tim in real life, if not more. He could not be more kind, attentive and fabulous. You can hear the passion in his voice when speaking about his new book, Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible. His inspiration? Boredom. Frustrated with the lack of historical fashion books that weren’t a snooze-fest, Tim set out to write Fashion Bible. Stressing that this book does not follow the evolution of fashion chronologically, instead Tim explained, each chapter tackles a different piece of clothing– how it began, evolved and what it means to us fashionistas now.

Afterward, Tim took questions from the audience, ranging from what was his favorite season of Project Runway (season 1) to how is fashion playing a role in the presidential election, to which Tim credited Michele Obama as a fashion icon for not being a political “dress up doll”. Instead she dresses like a “real” woman that so many of us can relate to.

As we patiently waited for our turn to meet Tim, I noticed how thoughtful and warm he was to each and every person. Taking the time to really listen to their questions, take pictures and give advice. Which is exactly how he treated me and Amanda. After asking for advice on getting into fashion marketing and chatting up my blog (thanks Amanda!), Tim made sure to compliment our color choices and outfits (yay!). Finally, Amanda asked if he went to any NYFW shows that day. His reply, “Oh God no!”. As we laughed, he explained how much better it is to watch the shows online. And for someone who doesn’t have the means to get to Fashion Week (right now), I really appreciated that. I didn’t feel so left out. He spoke to us like we had known him for years, and I wish we could have talked for hours.

So if I had to describe my day in one word, FABULOUS! Tim gave me more confidence and “chutz·pa” to pursure my fashion dreams, so if you’re reading this Tim…thank you!