About Compliment Closet

Compliment Closet, a one-stop-blog-shop, for the latest in fashion trends, news, ideas and more! Most importantly, a place to encourage fashionistas to find inspiration, to be unique and to take fashion risks– resulting in a closet and life full of compliments. There is nothing better than a confidence-boosting compliment about an outfit, a ring, shoes or even headband. It brightens a girl’s day, and could even make her week! As a young professional who loves to take risks with my career wardrobe and every-day wear, I know from experience the excitement you feel when some says, “I love your necklace!” So, that was my inspiration. A way to pass along the ideas, trends and fashion finds I come across to other fashionistas and beyond. Compliment Closet: a wardrobe of inspiration.

From Pennsylvania, I’ve always been an artistic person. Fashion became a hobby of mine in college, when I started to realize my peers always complimented my fashion choices. I’m a writer by profession and by choice, and this blog is my way of staying immersed in the fashion world on a daily basis. I want to focus on the fashion-filled world, both nationally and locally! I want to spread the word about style success stories. Do you have your own trendy jewelry line? Are you an up-and-coming fashion designer? Someone who owns a local boutique? Planning a fashion-inspired style-filled project? I want others to know about it! Feel free to contact me at aliciadeleo@gmail.com.



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