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Five minutes with Tim Gunn

11 Sep

Yesterday was the highlight in my fashion-lovin’ life…I. met. Tim. Gunn.

Need I say more? Well, yes…where to begin? As my friend Amanda and I made the journey to Ridgewood, NJ for the book signing, all day I agonized over what I should say. What can I ask? I did not want to waste the 5 or less minutes I may get with Mr. Gunn! Of course, after a little retail therapy I was able to clear my head. Looking back on the day now, I had nothing to worry about.

Tim on TV is Tim in real life, if not more. He could not be more kind, attentive and fabulous. You can hear the passion in his voice when speaking about his new book, Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible. His inspiration? Boredom. Frustrated with the lack of historical fashion books that weren’t a snooze-fest, Tim set out to write Fashion Bible. Stressing that this book does not follow the evolution of fashion chronologically, instead Tim explained, each chapter tackles a different piece of clothing– how it began, evolved and what it means to us fashionistas now.

Afterward, Tim took questions from the audience, ranging from what was his favorite season of Project Runway (season 1) to how is fashion playing a role in the presidential election, to which Tim credited Michele Obama as a fashion icon for not being a political “dress up doll”. Instead she dresses like a “real” woman that so many of us can relate to.

As we patiently waited for our turn to meet Tim, I noticed how thoughtful and warm he was to each and every person. Taking the time to really listen to their questions, take pictures and give advice. Which is exactly how he treated me and Amanda. After asking for advice on getting into fashion marketing and chatting up my blog (thanks Amanda!), Tim made sure to compliment our color choices and outfits (yay!). Finally, Amanda asked if he went to any NYFW shows that day. His reply, “Oh God no!”. As we laughed, he explained how much better it is to watch the shows online. And for someone who doesn’t have the means to get to Fashion Week (right now), I really appreciated that. I didn’t feel so left out. He spoke to us like we had known him for years, and I wish we could have talked for hours.

So if I had to describe my day in one word, FABULOUS! Tim gave me more confidence and “chutz·pa” to pursure my fashion dreams, so if you’re reading this Tim…thank you!


Fashion blogs workin’ together

12 Jul

I’m so excited to be bloggin’ for the fabulous DAMES Mag. Debut issue doesn’t drop until this Fall, but we’re already generating buzz in the fashion and reality TV world! Check us out and follow us on Twitter, D.A.M.E.S. Magazine.

PS– Check out my first blog post on graphic tees. Yes, my love of graphic tees is evident!!

GO GO Graphic Tees!

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“Adorkable” fashion

30 Jan

Today I pay homage to all girls who embrace their inner dork by paying tribute to the “adorkable” fashionista, Zooey Deschanel. A girly girl who loves vintage clothing, kittens and her signature bangs. After reading a recent article in Allure magazine, I learned so much more about the star of the breakout hit New Girl. Growing up she was ridiculed and mocked for looking different, and it wasn’t until college that she realized accepting her inner dork is what made her special. “My best friend and I would wear velvet gowns and put on lashes and lipstick. I refused to wear jeans,” Zooey said.

I relate a lot to Zooey’s attitude toward style. Clothes are a way to express yourself and your mood. Sometimes pushing the envelope, even just a little, can be very liberating. And who knows, stepping outside your comfort zone can give you all the confidence in the world. I found a lot of my confidence with my very extensive and unique costume jewelry collection. So take a chance fashionistas, you may just get the compliment you’ve been waiting for!

Want more Zooey? Check out her awesome, girl-charged blog It’s all things cute, cuddly and crafty. Made for women, by women.


















Golden best

16 Jan

Award show season is a fashion junkie’s favorite time of year. We pay more attention to the red carpet than the award winners. So who won this year’s Golden Globes? Yes, Meryl Streep — The Artist — Modern Family and George Clooney were some of the award winners…but who worked the red carpet as Golden’s best dressed?? Here are my picks…

Red rocks the Red Carpet

19 Sep

The 63rd Annual Emmy Awards premiered in red-hot fashion last night! The prominent trend, of course, was red. Who was your favorite?

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Christian Siriano: Spring 2012

11 Sep

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Who doesn’t love Christian Siriano? The fiercest Project Runway winner of them all! Season after season, I cannot wait to see what he puts down the runway. And what makes him even better is that his shoe line at Payless makes it possible for die-hard, yet not rich, fashionista like me to own a piece of Christian fashion. That’s FIERCE.

Ok, so back to Siriano’s Spring fashion outlook…

1. Eye-popping color (reoccurring trend alert!)

2. Maxi skirts

3. Tailored capris and jackets

4. Whites and creams (mixed with eye-popping color!)

5. Siriano staple: Tulle, organza and feathers!

According to, Christian’s inspiration behind this collection was Katherine Hepburn — a revelation that may leave some people scratching their heads. For a designer who won Project Runway on his love of feathers, pushing boundaries and avant garde. Yet, after looking through his pieces, he definitely made it work! In opening, his looks resembled a modern-day Katherine. Very simple and tailored in silhouette, yet bold and sassy in color and styling. Even the models’ hair (and sunglasses) mirrored Katherine someone in today’s fashion folio. Red, neon yellow, white and cream dominated the color palette.

Some of my favorite looks…the tight, striped tees paired with extra-long maxi skirts, his red blazer and the long, tunic vest cinched with a bright red belt and paired with a flowing yellow skirt.

As the show moved on, his looks got more bold, and good ole’ Christian came through. Fur and feathers, organza and tulle. Looks that pushed the envelope, but stayed ready-to-wear. Some of my favorite fashions for Spring 2012 thus far.

What do think Compliment Closet fans?

Celebrity Charity Fashion and Beauty Show

7 Sep

Fashion week is upon us! (well it’s tomorrow)! Soon, Spring 2012 fashions will be all the buzz! Leading up to Fashion Week, lots of other charitable and fashionable events take place. Like this one: Celebrities for Charity Beauty and Fashion Show in Philadelphia. My good friend Eboyne’, and her PR firm Divine Influence PR,  helped organize this wonderful event! Check out some of the fashionably-worthy pics!

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Celebrity hair stylist, Naeemah Johnson, of Nbeauty Inc. held her first Celebrities for Charity Beauty and Fashion Show in conjunction with 17 Days of Fashion. The lavish affair sponsored by Indiqué Hair, FSL Cosmetics, Divine Influence PR, and Celebrity Magazine was held at lavish hot spot, Club Whispers in Philadelphia.

The event commemorated the launch of Naeemah Johnson’s charity, the Ruby Golden Foundation, as all proceeds from the event went towards purchasing necessary school supplies for needy children; ensuring that they start the school year off right.

The upscale event brought out some of the area’s best company of celebrities and taste makers to celebrate beauty and fashion for a good cause. Celebrities such as Queen B of the Hair Battle Spectacular (Oxygen Network), Kharisma Mcilwaine, (CW Philly correspondent,) 17 Days of Fashion co-founder/celebrity stylist, Anthony Henderson, Ty’ron Perrin of the Marquette Collection, celebrity stylist, Giovanni Styles, Tye Grays of Featherlicious247, Urban Xpressions, Tweety Elitou of Young, Hip, and Chic, Casamera Reavis and many more!

Guests received complimentary swag bags filled with the latest issue of Juicy Magazine, Milani Cosmetics, Pop Chips, fans by Asian Ideas, and Yagolicious gift cards. Music spun by DJ Marty Geez kept the crowd amped before the start of the show, while host, Show Bizz worked the crowd. A live runway show featuring the enchanting designs of Walish Gooshe, Lung Pearl, Eye Rock Art, Punch Line, Vamp Boutique, and the Marquette Collection stormed the runway. Lady Gaga’s background singer, Jazmine GOGO Morrow, Jaydon Thomas, and Kartinya rocked the stage with their live musical performances and background dancers. Comedian Muggman and his crew brought the laughs with his hilarious rendition of Osama bin Ladden’s fashion week.

Although Jazmine Sullivan and Charli Baltimore, headlining supporters of the Celebrities for Charity Beauty and Fashion Show were unable to attend the event due to last minute engagements, they both sent their praises.

 “I am so proud of Naeemah and the people of Philly for stepping up and helping our kids,” Jazmine Sullivan said. “It always feels good to give but it feels even better to help our own! I couldn’t make it there because of a prior engagement, but I heard the turn out was wonderful! Hopefully this will be the beginning of many more!”

“It is important as artists that we support our future generation however we can,” Charli Baltimore said. “It’s great when people like Naeemah Johnson use their celebrity to organize such a positive event to promote education.”

Nbeauty Inc.founder, Naeemah Johnson also expressed her appreciation for all of the support. “The support was great! I appreciate all of the designers, celebrities, and press that came out. I also want to thank the general public who came out and supported to help raise money for school supplies for our children, and I can’t wait to do it again next year!”

Do Something Awards fashion folio

20 Aug

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Teen Choice Best Dressed

8 Aug

I’m a teen at heart, so of course I tuned into some of the Awards last night. Yay! Vampire Diaries (my guilty pleasure)…check out some of my picks for Best Dressed. Do you agree?

Zoe Saldana.

Selena Gomez.

Blake Lively.

Petty Paws

5 Aug

Hi Project Runway Fanatics! Our season 9 designers gave a whole new meaning to the term catwalk this week. Unconventional challenges are a staple for PR, and this one was no different. Vehicle interiors, been there. Trash, been there. But wee wee pads, a whole new story! The challenge: create an outfit from materials found at Petland — the discount pet supply store. What’s more fashionable than fish tank plants and squeaky chew toys?

Compliment Closet highs:

Anthony: bird seed dress (should have won!)– Nothing looked more expensive and chic. I loved how the dark seeds at the neck blended beautifully downward into the light seeds. The styling was simple but spoke volumes, while the seeds themselves created this strong structural fit.

Joshua M: aquarium rock two-piece – Fifties and funky? Vintage and modern? Fantastically fresh! He mixed vintage silhouettes with modern patterns that couldn’t be ignored. And those fish tank rocks? Who knew they could look so cool. The bright hues brought extra spark to the piece. And I didn’t hate the dog toy pieces on the shoes (or the slight mid-drift) but could have done without all that makeup.

Honorable mentions: Victor’s purple “Depends” dress (oh, Tim!), Anya’s dog leash two-piece and Becky’s neon feathers and plants frock.

Of course I didn’t hate Oliver’s winning design, but I couldn’t see past those eyebrows. Totally freaked me out.


Bryce — pee pee explosion was a hot mess. The structure of his top had spark, but like the judges said it didn’t fit properly. And the bottom? Awful, if anything he should have died the pee pee pads a complete opposite color than that baby blue that they come as.

Fallene — I still love her! I’m just disappointed she was almost sent home. Yes, she could have done better. But the skirt itself wasn’t that bad!

Joshua C. — He seemed like genuine guy and loved what he did. He just couldn’t work past the fitting issues.

So what you guys think? To steal a line from Joshua, was it trashion or fashion?