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Fashion blogs workin’ together

12 Jul

I’m so excited to be bloggin’ for the fabulous DAMES Mag. Debut issue doesn’t drop until this Fall, but we’re already generating buzz in the fashion and reality TV world! Check us out damesmagazine.com and follow us on Twitter, D.A.M.E.S. Magazine.

PS– Check out my first blog post on graphic tees. Yes, my love of graphic tees is evident!!

GO GO Graphic Tees!


Photo compliments of whowhatwear.com




Tanks and tees

2 Jun

Anyone can make a graphic tee fashionably their own! So many styles and themes to choose from: movies, TV, quotes, music, animals. You can pair them with a skirt, skinny jeans, shorts, a long cardigan…heels, oxfords, sneakers and sandals. The outfits are endless! Plus, you’ll be totally making a social statement. Graphic tees never go out of style because you can always make them fit into fashion’s ever-changing trends. Vintage and modern, tanks and tees. Check out some awesome sites for ideas: forever21.com, urbanoutfitters.com and 80stees.com. How cool is this 90210 tee I picked up at Urban Outfitters? I can’t wait to wear it with my new skinny ankle jeans! Enjoy the slideshow of awesome inspiration too!

PS- My boyfriend even picked up a wicked cool Chuck Norris tee for himself!

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