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green with envy.

20 Mar

I’ve always had an appreciation for the color green…and I guess today, I can say it’s my favorite color. My career outfits haven’t been anything special these days. Budget crunching (and lent) have kept me from adding to my spring wardrobe. So, I’ve had to reinvent the wheel and go shopping in my own closet every day! But that’s OK. Keeps my mind fresh and agile…full of unique fashion ideas. Because let’s be honest, how many 20-something girls have the money to splurge on Michael Kors and Loubous? If you can, I’m green with envy šŸ˜‰

OK, back on track. Today, I threw on a green circle-patterned blouse, black capris and someĀ old faithfuls, my kelly green pumps. Nothing I was very proud of, but hey, I was comfy and felt stylish enough. Well, little did I know how much attention my green beauties would bring! Compliments, compliments galore! Even from a few men. I should have known green shoes would make my day.Ā Isn’t that what fashion is all about? Feeling good in what you have on, no matter where it came from?

Spring fever is in full swing, and I’m loving me some kelly green. So if there is nothing else you add to your wardrobe this season, make sure you’ve gotĀ color. If green is your thing, then yay! If not, try coral, yellow or royal blue! Be bright, be happy. Try to mix and match shades for unique color-blocking effects. Compliments willĀ surely come your way.

Go Green, ladies.

Some inspiration for thought…

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Petty Paws

5 Aug

Hi Project Runway Fanatics! Our season 9 designers gave a whole new meaning to the term catwalk this week. Unconventional challenges are a staple for PR, and this one was no different. Vehicle interiors, been there. Trash, been there. But wee wee pads, a whole new story! The challenge: create an outfit from materials found at Petland — the discount pet supply store. What’s more fashionable than fish tank plants and squeaky chew toys?

Compliment Closet highs:

Anthony: bird seed dress (should have won!)– Nothing looked more expensive and chic. I loved how the dark seeds at the neck blended beautifully downward into the light seeds. The styling was simple but spoke volumes, while the seeds themselves created this strong structural fit.

Joshua M: aquarium rock two-piece – Fifties and funky? Vintage and modern? Fantastically fresh! He mixed vintage silhouettes with modern patterns that couldn’t be ignored. And those fish tank rocks? Who knew they could look so cool. The bright hues brought extra spark to the piece. And I didn’t hate the dog toy pieces on the shoes (or the slight mid-drift) but could have done without all that makeup.

Honorable mentions: Victor’s purple “Depends” dress (oh, Tim!), Anya’s dog leash two-piece and Becky’s neon feathers and plants frock.

Of course I didn’t hate Oliver’s winning design, but I couldn’t see past those eyebrows. Totally freaked me out.


Bryce — pee pee explosion was a hot mess. The structure of his top had spark, but like the judges said it didn’t fit properly. And the bottom? Awful, if anything he should have died the pee pee pads a complete opposite color than that baby blue that they come as.

Fallene — I still love her! I’m just disappointed she was almost sent home. Yes, she could have done better. But the skirt itself wasn’t that bad!

Joshua C. — He seemed like genuine guy and loved what he did. He just couldn’t work past the fitting issues.

So what you guys think? To steal a line from Joshua, was it trashion or fashion?

Stripes are your friend

7 Jun

Stripes from the runway. Elle.com

Hi Fashionistas!

Today, I’m here to stick up for a fashion trend that hasn’t always had a good reputation. Stripes. Now, I know they haven’t always flattered us women in the best ways, but if you wear them right– they can work for you! Stripes are in this season, so you will have plenty of options when you go shopping.

I have recently added quite a few striped tops and even a striped maxi dress to my wardrobe. This summer I’ll feel like a jet-setting diva, and so can you. Compliment Closet is here with some tips:

1. The size of the stripes matter. Depending on your body type, thin stripes or thick stripes work better for some women than others. The best option is to try on before you buy, since not all body types are the same. Yet, I’d say if you have a larger chest, thin stripes will work. If you have a small chest, thick stripes might work best.Horizontal and vertical stripes also play an important role.

2. Choose loose-fitting tops and dresses over tight and snug Unless you are extremely thin, tight horizontal stripes will accentuate any woman in the wrong way.

3. Look for other cute stripe options– ones not everyone would think of. Headbands, shoes, scarves. I recently bought a blue and white striped blazer that looks amazing with skinny black pants and navy pumps.

4. NEVER do stripes on stripes. Always balance with a solid.

5. Angled stripes are always a unique option.

6. Let out your inner sailor. Nautical styles (popular with designer Michael Kors) are a classy route. Traveling by boat this summer, pick up a light-weight blue and white striped sweater and a wide-brimmed hat! You’ll be ready to sail the high seas.

7. Wear your stripes proud! If you have a brother who does not understand fashion (like mine), and calls you the Hamburglar whenever you wear a striped shirt (like mine), stand tall šŸ™‚

Happy Shopping!

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