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Five minutes with Tim Gunn

11 Sep

Yesterday was the highlight in my fashion-lovin’ life…I. met. Tim. Gunn.

Need I say more? Well, yes…where to begin? As my friend Amanda and I made the journey to Ridgewood, NJ for the book signing, all day I agonized over what I should say. What can I ask? I did not want to waste the 5 or less minutes I may get with Mr. Gunn! Of course, after a little retail therapy I was able to clear my head. Looking back on the day now, I had nothing to worry about.

Tim on TV is Tim in real life, if not more. He could not be more kind, attentive and fabulous. You can hear the passion in his voice when speaking about his new book, Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible. His inspiration? Boredom. Frustrated with the lack of historical fashion books that weren’t a snooze-fest, Tim set out to write Fashion Bible. Stressing that this book does not follow the evolution of fashion chronologically, instead Tim explained, each chapter tackles a different piece of clothing– how it began, evolved and what it means to us fashionistas now.

Afterward, Tim took questions from the audience, ranging from what was his favorite season of Project Runway (season 1) to how is fashion playing a role in the presidential election, to which Tim credited Michele Obama as a fashion icon for not being a political “dress up doll”. Instead she dresses like a “real” woman that so many of us can relate to.

As we patiently waited for our turn to meet Tim, I noticed how thoughtful and warm he was to each and every person. Taking the time to really listen to their questions, take pictures and give advice. Which is exactly how he treated me and Amanda. After asking for advice on getting into fashion marketing and chatting up my blog (thanks Amanda!), Tim made sure to compliment our color choices and outfits (yay!). Finally, Amanda asked if he went to any NYFW shows that day. His reply, “Oh God no!”. As we laughed, he explained how much better it is to watch the shows online. And for someone who doesn’t have the means to get to Fashion Week (right now), I really appreciated that. I didn’t feel so left out. He spoke to us like we had known him for years, and I wish we could have talked for hours.

So if I had to describe my day in one word, FABULOUS! Tim gave me more confidence and “chutz·pa” to pursure my fashion dreams, so if you’re reading this Tim…thank you!


Petty Paws

5 Aug

Hi Project Runway Fanatics! Our season 9 designers gave a whole new meaning to the term catwalk this week. Unconventional challenges are a staple for PR, and this one was no different. Vehicle interiors, been there. Trash, been there. But wee wee pads, a whole new story! The challenge: create an outfit from materials found at Petland — the discount pet supply store. What’s more fashionable than fish tank plants and squeaky chew toys?

Compliment Closet highs:

Anthony: bird seed dress (should have won!)– Nothing looked more expensive and chic. I loved how the dark seeds at the neck blended beautifully downward into the light seeds. The styling was simple but spoke volumes, while the seeds themselves created this strong structural fit.

Joshua M: aquarium rock two-piece – Fifties and funky? Vintage and modern? Fantastically fresh! He mixed vintage silhouettes with modern patterns that couldn’t be ignored. And those fish tank rocks? Who knew they could look so cool. The bright hues brought extra spark to the piece. And I didn’t hate the dog toy pieces on the shoes (or the slight mid-drift) but could have done without all that makeup.

Honorable mentions: Victor’s purple “Depends” dress (oh, Tim!), Anya’s dog leash two-piece and Becky’s neon feathers and plants frock.

Of course I didn’t hate Oliver’s winning design, but I couldn’t see past those eyebrows. Totally freaked me out.


Bryce — pee pee explosion was a hot mess. The structure of his top had spark, but like the judges said it didn’t fit properly. And the bottom? Awful, if anything he should have died the pee pee pads a complete opposite color than that baby blue that they come as.

Fallene — I still love her! I’m just disappointed she was almost sent home. Yes, she could have done better. But the skirt itself wasn’t that bad!

Joshua C. — He seemed like genuine guy and loved what he did. He just couldn’t work past the fitting issues.

So what you guys think? To steal a line from Joshua, was it trashion or fashion?

Project Pajama

29 Jul

So excited to be back in Project Runway Land, with Tim Gunn as king! And I’ll be posting weekly commentary on each episode. Did the judges get it right? CC’s pick for best and worst. Designers to love and hate and so much more!

Season 9 Episode 1: Project Pajama. For their first challenge, the designers were asked to create a fashion-forward garment from the clothes on their back — their PJs! My favorite of the bunch did not make the top 3 (dissappointed) because Fallene’s puking clown dress was a stand out! It was funky, unique and very fashionable. Fallene is my fave designer so far, just check out her own personal style! Check out lifetime.com for Fallene’s final look!

 The top 3 designers did not disappoint either. Two of three were fantastic. And how much do we love Bert?      His dress was fashion-forward and sexy (minus the styling of course). I envisioned a chunky and funky necklace, ditching the sunglasses and pulling the model’s hair away from her face. But he deserved to win!

I was disappointed with Anya’s piece. Although I like her, and those pants were amazing!, the outfit itself was dull. The top looked like I could have picked it up at any mall in any town. I’m not a fan of flashing the belly either, but I give her props for those pants.

What did you think? Let CC know! Until next week, PR fans!

Project Runway Returns…

4 May

Christian Siriano: Project Runway Season 4 winner

Project Runway fans, worry no more! This summer the show will return for Season 9, along with Project Runway All Stars and Project Accessory…find out more here: http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-runway/blogs/project-runway-blog/project-runway-season-summer-2011-all-stars-and-project-accessory?cmpid=Social_Facebook_ProjectRunway_05032011_1

Who has been your favorite contestant over the past 8 seasons?

Christian Siriano all the way!