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green with envy.

20 Mar

I’ve always had an appreciation for the color green…and I guess today, I can say it’s my favorite color. My career outfits haven’t been anything special these days. Budget crunching (and lent) have kept me from adding to my spring wardrobe. So, I’ve had to reinvent the wheel and go shopping in my own closet every day! But that’s OK. Keeps my mind fresh and agile…full of unique fashion ideas. Because let’s be honest, how many 20-something girls have the money to splurge on Michael Kors and Loubous? If you can, I’m green with envy šŸ˜‰

OK, back on track. Today, I threw on a green circle-patterned blouse, black capris and someĀ old faithfuls, my kelly green pumps. Nothing I was very proud of, but hey, I was comfy and felt stylish enough. Well, little did I know how much attention my green beauties would bring! Compliments, compliments galore! Even from a few men. I should have known green shoes would make my day.Ā Isn’t that what fashion is all about? Feeling good in what you have on, no matter where it came from?

Spring fever is in full swing, and I’m loving me some kelly green. So if there is nothing else you add to your wardrobe this season, make sure you’ve gotĀ color. If green is your thing, then yay! If not, try coral, yellow or royal blue! Be bright, be happy. Try to mix and match shades for unique color-blocking effects. Compliments willĀ surely come your way.

Go Green, ladies.

Some inspiration for thought…

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It all started with a pair of pants…

29 Feb

Spring is so close; I can feel it! (and that’s not because I’m flying to FL next week)! I’m so excited to start wearing bright colors, my fave skirts and this spring’s hottest trend…floral. I can never have enough flowers in my wardrobe (graphic tees, headbands, rings and brooches). And floral prints will fit just perfectly.

As I browsed through this month’s fashion magazines, one pair of pants kept popping up on me. An awesome pair of trousers from H&M. And the best part, they are less than $15! Perfect for any fashionista on a budget, like me! And although I’m challenging myself to give up shopping for Lent, these pants will definitely be on the list after April 8. You can buy them here: http://www.hm.com/us/product/97495?article=97495-H

But in the meantime, I took to Polyvore to keep my trendsetting juices flowing…outfit ideas for work, play and date night!

floral for date night

floral for play

floral for work

New York, New York

24 May

Photo compliments of wirednewyork.com

Although this may sound boring, it’s very exciting for a workin’ girl like myself. In college you get excited to shop for cute halter tops for bar hoppin’! When you have a job, you get excited to shop for black dress pants! Yes, next item on my KOP shopping list are dress pants. You’re probably thinking…how fashionable can those be? But in reality, they are sometimes all us 9 to 5ers have to work with during the week.

Finding the perfect dress pant is a necessity for mixing and matching and making career clothes all your own! Compliment Closet suggestion: find a brand you like and stick to them. When shopping for a staple item like this, you don’t want to waste too much time. You want to get it over with to focus on more important things, like cute sundresses!

My favorite place for career clothes is New York and Company. PS- If you are really tall or really short, they have sizes to fit everyone! The fit is great, and they have a lot of styles to choose from. Slim leg, boot cut, wide leg, high-waisted…pick your poison.

Of course, while I’m there I’ll have to pick up a few cute tops, maybe dresses!

Compliment Closet style watch: maxi dresses, floral prints and lots of white!

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Show off those legs!

26 Apr

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Well, with the weather I’m experiencing this week short season is definitely here! And I cannot be more excited because shorts are a hot trend for spring and summer. But when haven’t they been?Ā  What’s different this season are the awesome options we have to choose from, girls! Flouncy loose-fitted shorts, shorts with large bows ties, floral patterns, bright colors, high-waisted (my personal fave!). So many to pick from. And the best part?! Shorts have definitely hit the “all-occasion” status. Pair dress shorts with a light blazer and pumps for a more formal event. Or wear high-waisted floral shorts and an airy tank top to a Fourth of July party. The shoes you ask? Any will look sexy and adorable: Keds, Oxfords, flats, flip flops or heels!

The purpose of this post is because I do not own a single pair of these trendy must-haves, and I did some online digging myself and just HAD to share them with you!

Show off those sexy tans, ladies! Express yourself through the unique short styles available this season. Give Compliment Closet your feedback!